Misty Mornings

Snuggled in the tent, warm, toasty and not wanting to move. Through the open tent fly the morning was rising.…


Festival Calendar 2017 – 2018 Australia

I had a quick look at my Festival Calendar and realised it was out of date so here is one for the next year or so. If the date is till within 2017 – guess what – you can still go and the website will provide ticket information. Some festivals only have tentative dates for 2017 and some are just roughly around that time of year.

Taking to the streets of Bluesfest

As always we roamed the streets of the makeshift town that is Bluesfest for a week. There are¬†photos of people…


Bluesfest meets Margaritaville

Bluesfest reminded us all that this was a music festival designed to include all genres and all ages. As the…


A rainbow after the storm.

The Northern Rivers has had its share of the tempest over the last month. From wind and rain the earth…


Getting into print

Getting ready for the 2017 Australian Body Art Carnival in Cooroy – excited to be included in media releases.


Woodford Folk Festival 2016/17

Woodford Folk Festival has a lot to like. Here are my favourite 5 things. With a bit of poetic licence in counting as it is so hard to choose.