Taking to the streets of Bluesfest

As always we roamed the streets of the makeshift town that is Bluesfest for a week. There are photos of people having fun, dressing up and enjoying their festival experience. We met Jules and Steve who had come across from Cambodia were they are volunteering to see Santana and Jake Shimabukuro. Jules said that Jake blew her mind and if you have ever seen Jake Shimabukuro you will be able to relate to that sensation.

Jake Shimabukuro concentrating on getting the sound right.
Volunteers from Cambodia Steve and Jules enjoying the festival
Carlos Santana

It always amazes me how far people come for Bluesfest. This year Cherish and her friends from came fromBritish Columbia. Taking selfies and they were happy to model for us. Their favourite acts included Blind Boy Paxton and Playing for Change. Two acts that show the diversity of the festival. Blind Boy Paxton with his early blues and cheeky humour and Playing for Change, who raise funds for schools across the world by playing energetic music with amazing artists like Vasti Jackson and Ellis Hall.

rBlind Boy Paxton Bluesfest2016 GreyRose BBP01
Blind Boy Paxton
Vasti Jackson – an amazing showman
Clarence is always a crowd favourite with his energetic dancing and joyfulness


Wandering through the crowd it was hard not to notice Hayley. Looking great in a gothic outfit and having done her own make-up Hayley very graciously let us capture her style. Her partner was a bit miffed that no one wanted to take his picture! The highlight of the festival for Hayley was the amazing Beth Hart a wonderful powerhouse of soulful blues with a raspy voice that soothes and cuts at the same time.


Thanks to all those who make the festival an amazing place and for coming so far to see Australia’s premier music festival. Hope to see you next year.



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