Rosie Ramblings

When there isn’t a festival around it is still important to stay on top of things. Keeping up fitness levels, practicing with the camera, practicing writing and just taking some time out to see how amazing the world around is. It is also a lovely time to appreciate where I live and see it from a new perspective. I did have an idea that I would walk around Australia on the beach and maybe this could be the start.



I have managed to do this for 4 days, a profound level of consistency for me, so here are Rosie’s Ramblings.

As I walked the beach I felt a sense of wonder. I wondered if the last two days were mother natures bad hair days. The waves seemed to struggle to rise to create a swell as they crashed into whitewash just before the shore. The sea is a dull blue and flat, in the distance there are scrambled meringue peaks. The meringues are like the ones you get when you have beaten the eggs to within an inch of their life and they just won’t hold up. The sun seems to struggle with rising as it breaks a tiny sliver of silver around the black clouds and then just seems to say – oh well that’s it for today. The wind brings the waves to the shore and whips the sand around my ankles.

The sand is dimpled and hardened from the rain overnight, footsteps break into the gold to reveal the soft powdery sand. The little red tractor comes ominously close and I sense the driver wants to keep his pattern free from footprints.  Where he has been the sand has furrows from the tyres and sand is now coolly massaging each toe. A whale breaches off shore overshadowing the white caps – I wait for another splash but I think he was just as tired as everything else today.

I am taking consolation in the fact that even though every day may not be a postcard it reminds me that all things change. One day an artist, next day a business woman, a bit of a writer, an amateur photographer with some serious gear, a professional the next, a cook, a sister, a volunteer – on it goes. Some days it’s bliss and others you just give it your best shot at being what it is the day dictates.

I find a new coffee shop where the lithe young barista tells me about her delicious chocolate and berry muffins – stating I should live a little – I reply I do – that’s where these hips came from. She sees the funny side. As I drove down the road I turned the corner and on the river was a blanket of marcasite dividing the still blue waters with a gentle breeze licking the palms. Picture perfect.

Proving my theory that all things will change – and often for the better. Always take the next step and look around the corner.r_MG_8847

Day 3

I madly dashed out of the house after rolling over to see the pinks colouring in the clouds. Watching the sky change and deliberating with myself about which turn to take – river or beach. So many hard decisions I my life. (that’s a gratitude statement – if you missed it) to the beach. Stick with the plan.

Ditching the shoes I feel the cool grit of the sand, that is becoming a welcoming sensation beneath my bare feet. I drop my shoe and there under the pastel pink sky streaked with purples being lit by the golden glow of the sun was – a bright shiny object – don’t you just love it. With all that big stuff you would think it impossible to find glitter. But there it was. Silver diamantes tethered to pale green reeds on a blanket of white. A small string of water droplets on the leaves of the . Soon I was laying in the sand propped up to support the camera. Finally,  I awoke from my bliss to see the sun had almost completed its work and the day was about to begin.







  1. You ccertainly have a talent for writing. I easily slip into the images you write about and picture myself in that moment. 💜 it. Thank you for taking me away for some time out.
    Oh and can i purchase any of these images? Loving the sunrise over the beach grass.


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