A Country Drive – Tyalgum

Getting out on the weekend to the local villages is wonderfully inspiring. This weekend we went for a drive around the Shire to see the French celebrations. Given that it was Bastille Day on Friday.

I started with a quiz on all things French – as I was involved in an activity to keep your mind active. You can take test your knowledge of French culture here.

Saturday there was a very tenuous link to the Louisiana Purchase with Gavin Doniger playing blues on the Tweed River. Gavin’s  raspy vocals and Mississippi blues guitar being played on the banks of the river took you down south. The Sheoak Shack Cafe and Art Gallery decorated in the style of a Caribbean shanty was also very fitting  on a lazy Saturday afternoon with a storm brewing as the sun setting.

Sunday it was time for a drive. Initially we were going to the Chillingham Markets. The problem with this was that it was the wrong weekend. So we re-routed to Tyalgum. This is a fanciful village with restored houses, spas and a renovated country store.

The centrepiece of the village is Flutterbies Cottage Cafe with red rattlers, a marketta, a bakery, crystal store and stage for musicians in the middle of the cafe. The waitresses are dressed in lace and flowing gowns and seem to fly by with your food.

After the rain the sky was clear, sun filtered through the massive maple tree that was covered in autumn leaves, and the air was filled with the delicate voice of Katia Demeester being carried on the breeze.

As part of Bastille Week there were high teas, French movies, a French Marketta and 6 course degustation. Sunday also saw artists in the garden. Some artists moved on to the streets with their easels to get a better view of Mt Warning.

One of my favourite places in Tyalgum is the bookshop on the corner. The Orpheum Bookshop with its great little finds – this time I found Joan Baez’s Memoir.

Here is a little slideshow of the visit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upcoming Events in Tyalgum

August 5 – David Simes ‘It’s De-Lovely’ a young cabaret artist who is visiting Tyalgum before heading to events in Sydney. Flutterbies Cottage Cafe.

August 25,26,27 Indie Folk Festival – lineup will be announced on 20th July



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