Getting into print

For several years we have been involved in a variety of different ways with the Australian Body Art Carnival. This year it is on again in the quaint Sunshine Coast town of Cooroy. Cooroy also hosts a Fusion Festival in May to  highlight some of the creative talent of the area.

Here is a recent article from the Sunshine Coast Daily. The image is of Artwork by Kelli MacAlpine of Healing Canvas and her beautiful model Kaela Sinrott.

Kelli is a very gifted artist who is also a trained Art Therapist. She attended Woodford Folk Festival this year and gave packed classes to people wishing to overcome challenges through the use of art. Not only is she a great artist Kelli is a wonderful lady to spend time with. Always a smile and a joke to tell.

We have to thank Danielle Taylor from Firefly Solutions for being such a keen supporter of our photography.

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