Woodford Folk Festival 2016/17

Five things I love about Woodford Folk Festival

  1. Wear what you like – mix it up. You are not going to stand out as much as the Troll, the Game players or the Clouds walking the street. Want to wear a dress with your beard, want it to be a red dress, want boots with that? Your call – it is all ok

    Red dresses, beards, boots – anything goes
  2. Just be happy, be you hot, be you bothered, be your feet blistered and your head aching from the party – everyone has got a smile.

    As you enter Woodford you are bound to be greeted by smiles and even bubbles
  3. New innovations – this year they introduced a cashless Woodford. On entering the festival you put cash onto your wristband. No wallets, no lost change and they worked out a way of getting money back to people after the festival. Check out the website before 20th Jan if you still have your token.
  4. The musical variety –  soulful blues with Paul Kelly singing Meet me in the Middle of the Air in a capella. A spine tingling moment that chilled the amphitheatre. A gospel session in the blues tent with Australia’s finest Lachy Doley, Fiona Boyes, Hat Fitz & Cara that would rock any Mississippi church. Welcoming in the New Year with Hot Potato and Bullhorn providing joy with their big band sounds. Blue King Brown creating awareness of the West Papua plight or the energy and brilliance of Tash Sultana playing her biggest gig. There is always music at the Coopers Bar and plenty of other styles that you can stumble on.

    Blue King Brown, Paul Kelly and Tash Sultana – some of the musical variety

  5. The ever-present elation of discovery.Stories being told, music being found, and facts being presented. The talks open people’s lives with Rhoda Roberts interviewing Chad Morgan and Buffy St Marie.  Dr Karl delighting kids and adults alike with his random brand of science or Bob Hawke singing. There is theatre that creates intrigue, yoga to dub bands, monks making a mandala, and explaining the ceremony. Even Middle Eastern dancers teaching you to rub your belly with gusto in appreciation of the riches life has brought you.


Rhoda Roberts after interviewing Buffy St Marie, Middle Eastern Dancers giving lessons, a group hug under the bamboo and kids discovering the Bamboo Treehouse.

Woodford is about possibility, about joy, about discovery, about being yourself or finding out about yourself and the things you have in common with others.

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