A rainbow after the storm.

The Northern Rivers has had its share of the tempest over the last month. From wind and rain the earth and mother nature have tested the spirit of the area. The Easter weekend is creating a kaleidoscope of colour to brighten this corner of the world again.

Bluesfest has kept on and put together an amazing lineup of big sounds, big horns and all the colours of the rainbow. Amid the tales of loss, destruction and hardship they are creating a much-needed respite for the area.

This year seems to be all about big. Bands with every type of instrument on display and being played to a level that shatters your soul. Horns, trombones, tabla, organs, and of course guitars.

The photographers are being regaled with antics such as hand stands and microphone cord twirling by Vintage Trouble. The fiddles and violins seem to be playing an important role with Andrew Bird and Rhiannon Giddens showing crowds a decidedly beautiful side to the instrument when paired with soothing voices.

Of course the highlight was always going to be Patti Smith. My newfound joy at the magic of her music, poetry and storytelling have left me in awe of her legendary status.

No Bluesfest is complete without a screaming guitar and who better to add to the mix than Devon Allman who seemed to have a dedicated following judging from the crowd.

Too much too soon – to complete the rainbow my treat today will be the local band Devils Kiosk at the Buskers’ Stage at 2pm. These guys show the full talent of the local area and their passion for blues. Check them out.

Deciding who to see and making sure you get to experience the whole festival will mean some aches and pains but this weekend will always remain the best week of my year.

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird introducing crowds to different musical styles


Devon Allman
Devon Allman giving his all
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall opening the show
Trombone Shorty a
Trombone Shorty
Trombone Shorty
Trombone Shorty is always a crowd favourite
Vintage Trouble a
Trombone Shorty
Vintage Trouble b
Rainbow colours for Vintage Trouble
Vintage Trouble
Vintage Trouble – a class act.

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