Friday Foodies

After reading a review in the local paper, I decided to take an impromptu tour to a local restaurant that had the promise of something different.

Potager did not disappoint. The atmosphere is a mix of urban, country and seaside and the decor is chic and contemporary. Looking out the window, you see the old-fashioned power lines, a few cows, and a view out to the sea.

The joy of Potager is that is local and supports local. The tables are designed by Lobo Workshop and are unique in their style and feel while Wirui Estate, just down the road, provides the coffee.

Our booking was impromptu – booked at 12 arrived at 1.30. Mind you, we did take a small detour given that I am navigationally challenged. This added to the day and opened us up to the opportunity of a bush walk in the area along Hogan’s Road. 

On arrival, Peter was a most gracious host. Our table overlooked the deck and gave us a view over Lake Cobaki, Bilinga and on forever to the horizon. A lazy black cow munched obliviously in the distance and the sun provided a glorious light across the room.

The meals were well portioned. A side of onion rings with milk butter was a great starter. Richer than the usual onion rings they provided a hint of things to come.

The Beef Cheeks melted in our mouths while the locally caught snapper was moist and very tasty.

I continue to be surprised at how the vegetables from a home garden manage to taste so divine. The tomatoes were succulent and so rich and small marigold petals that add a unique flavour to the dish. The side dish of brussel sprouts even managed to create a convert to the humble sprout.


Potager is a wonderful mix of all that the Tweed has to offer. Locally grown, caught, and prepared in a space that is a mix of old world and contemporary. Well worth a visit.


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