When is it a party?

Today I have had a look at assignment 2 for “blogging 101” and my immediate thought was that my title and tagline may be limiting. Self doubt crept in is this too superficial given that I am not really a party girl or if this is about being true to myself is this exactly what I am?

Bright lights and shiny objects will always get me in. Small things amuse small minds is something that I have heard a lot and I have to admit it is true. I am easily distracted, just as easily attracted, I love the curiosity of exploring the beauty, and wonder of everything the world has to offer. That can be watching a glass orb turn and reflecting all it spies or sitting in a busy street watching people go by. One of my favourite things is a rainbow dancing on a ceiling on a sunny day created by prisms of old chandeliers. They make me smile.

Given this joy for simplicity and beauty there is no better place to find it on mass than at a festival, fiesta or carnival. Here everything is possible, it is very difficult to experience negative emotions and sublimely easy to be carried away on the waves of excitement that occur.

There is a profound appreciation for the immense amount of creativity, passion, inspiration, and bliss that the organisers put in. Artists, volunteers, patrons, supporters, and huge teams put every essence of their being into creating these spectacular events. More importantly, they are able to impart their enthusiasm to the average person who comes along to their event.

This is on a grand scale. To me there is also an aim to see that each day, in as many ways as possible, there is room for a party. Large festivals, fiestas, or carnivals are open to creatives on a daily basis, but there are few people who get to live in a festival. So for the rest of us there has to be a way to find pieces of bliss and abandon in every day life.

Festivals are always on and it seems that there are more and more popping up. I can find a festival every weekend – it is highly unlikely that I will be able to attend (trust me I would if I could) and the idea of processing photos after each event can get very daunting on a weekly basis. So, I am content to find ‘festival like’ event in my local area and start to include them in my blog.

At times, the festival will be a grand affair – superstars, media passes, and 5 days of mayhem. Other days will be a local market with a quirky musician and bright shiny objects.

Either way I will always feel that I have found the party and for the time being I will leave my title and tagline.

A Party on the side
A Party on the side = Gualeguachu Argentina


Lismore Lantern Parade


Another day on the beach with the Sandman at Byron Bay

x2014 KN DL8A2937

Stanthorpe Rocks – Music Festival


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